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Temp Website

2011-11-13 21:40:48 by bendogtoy130

So i have a temporary website.The temp website is here.


2011-11-13 06:55:15 by bendogtoy130

Hey all, im a hobbiest Dj'er (online radio) that im currently seting up. and if your reading this your most likely here because your an artist. if you msg me giving permission to use it (so long as its your own work) ill put it in :) but if your here because i msged you.. well then that means i like your music and i think others will to. Currently in the process of setting a website and that up.. but if you want to check out what i have.. (streaming times vary as i only have limited time) Want to help me more? Have you got a website your willing to put a page dedicated to me? HIT ME UP. i am planing to buy a site soon but hey charity is always welcome. my Djing is not for profit and entertainment for all and trying to bring some new members into NewgroundsNewground Audio Radio (WIP)